• 24hr Supported Living Service
  • Professional Staff Team
  • Tailored Care
  • Modern accommodation
  • Volunteering opportunity
  • Training needs

Why choose us;

Those who come to Faith Standard Healthcare stay with us until they are ready to live independently and care for themselves appropriately, where this is appropriate.  Faith Standard Healthcare is a large family-style house situated close to bus and local train routes, local shops and a local shopping centre is only a few minutes away.

Each of our houses will have well-resourced offices with facilities to enable staff to work including during the night. For the security of the service users, staff, and our premises, we have CCTVs covering both the back and the front of the houses as well as the communal areas. The houses will be manned by staff 24/7 and at no point will service users be left on their own. We run 24-hour shifts with our staff working on a flexible shift basis.

The house is decorated, and well-equipped and the resources are continually reviewed and expanded to maintain a high standard. Each person’s room is thoughtfully decorated and furnished, this includes a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a double bed and a bedside table.

There is a fully equipped kitchen; each cupboard is fitted with a lock for personal safe-keeping of goods. There is a dining table providing a comfortable environment for that important interaction around mealtimes. We have a main lounge for relaxing and watching TV. There is a garden that holds a trampoline for residents to have some therapeutic fun!

The Staff has a separate office to enable them to provide a homely environment for the service users.

Theraputic Care

At Faith Standard Healthcare we believe that change is always possible and that positive behavior can be encouraged based on each person’s level of understanding. We recognize that everyone is an individual and that different approaches and models will be suitable or appropriate for different service users. We work with service users who need support with their Autism and Learning Disabilities and understand that due to their diagnosis, some may have behavioral and emotional difficulties in addition to facing the challenges which come with having autism and learning disabilities. we educate the service user on matters concerning health-related awareness, by providing therapeutic care and service users participate in a variety of community life experiences or interactions which may include:

  • Leisure or recreation activities
  • Communication activities
  • Blowing
  • Soft play
  • Music and dance
  • Karaoke
  • Art and craft
  • Outing picnic
  • Foot spa

Bespoke Care Plan

A detailed care planning system is operated based on a thorough pre-placement assessment which is tailored to work with the service user based on their individual needs.

We work with service users who need support with their autism and learning disabilities due to their diagnosis.

For this reason, we provide an environment that is both safe and culturally sensitive. This will enable the service users to address issues relevant to their specific needs as reflected in their individual Care Support Plan.